How to Hire an SEO: Advice from Google

Who better than Google to advise businesses on how to hire an SEO? Google is the primary search engine for SEO optimization (sorry, Bing). Search is Google’s most profitable product, and Google needs to protect the integrity of its Anguilla Email List search results. Any information and advice on SEO from Google is always welcome! On Valentine’s Day, Google showed SEOs some love by releasing a video with advice on how to hire an SEO professional. The video is just over 11 minutes long and features Google Maile Ohye, Technical Director of the Anguilla Email List Developer Program. I saw Maile at a conference before and she was a very knowledgeable and very good speaker.

SEO recommendations should Advice from Google aligned with Google best practices

In this article, I’ll break down my key takeaways and the topics she discusses about hiring an SEO. I recommend you watch the video in full. Anguilla Email List shares insightful advice that’s definitely worth your 11 minutes Citing her more than a decade of experience working on Google search, Maile explained that there is no magic trick to SEO that will get your website ranked Advice from Google number one. This advice aligns with our core belief at Page One Power that your site will only get the links it deserves—your site, page, or asset must be link-worthy. Maile also touches Anguilla Email List the fact that good SEO practices take time to affect your site’s visibility, and the results don’t happen overnight.

Good SEO means good user experience

You should seek corroboration of the supporting SEO’s description of the problem that needs improvement and the approach they have laid out to accomplish this task. Requiring verification will prevent you from hiring SEOs Anguilla Email List who offer useless or harmful advice, such as adding keywords to meta tags or buying links. Buying links is in line with Google’s consistent stance on buying links and link schemes. As Maile points out, links affect PageRank (organic search visibility). Protecting links should be part of your SEO Anguilla Email List efforts, but buying manipulated links is never a good strategy. You should never violate Google’s webmaster guidelines, or hire an SEO who makes recommendations based on the guidelines

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