How to Fall in Love with the Consumer

The brands preferred by many have worked hard on their strategies and on delivering experiences to their consumers. They have achieved what every company aspires to be: the customer’s favorite brand. The brands included in this category have achieved this, thanks to the fact that they do not change. Although the competition strives to monopolize the consumer with a more seductive product, the person remains faithful, no matter what happens. This is achieved because the brand offers the consumer much more than just a product.

This time we share some ideas of how you can aspire to this, and improve your company image and get customers loyal to your brand. Index of Brazil Phone Number What is a lovemark. Nostalgia Tribe Mystery Legend What is a lovemark? A “lovemark” are brands, businesses and products for which the consumer feels a very deep emotional charge. One internalizes it in a more concrete as well as direct way. They are brands that have crossed points and conditions. Managing to become brands for which the consumer feels love. lovemark examples Destination Brands. They connect in a more intense, deep and solid way with the consumer over time. They can survive changes, the passage of time and contextual crises, as they have built a privileged position in the consumer context.

If You Want Your Company to Become

One of these privileged ones, you have to work hard, even years to achieve it. However, you can consider these points: Nostalgia Nostalgia is one of the most important elements of consumption, as well as one that has a direct impact on purchasing decisions. Nostalgia is also a powerful element of connection in times when things are not exactly how we want or how it would be better. In addition, it is also a strong driver for making a product more than just a product.

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These brands that we love remind us of the past and the positive of it. It is a powerful enhancer of emotions . Tribe Another of the strong elements, enhancer of emotions and catalyst of lovemarks is belonging to a group; the feeling that one is part of something more than a group of consumers. An example is Apple, as explained in an interview by Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi and creator of the concept of lovemarks . “When I put my headphones on and I see you on the street with an IPod, I know you are part of my tribe” . apple-logo DC Marketing Media The products bring families together and create a network of connections that increase our sense of belonging.

Mystery the Mystery That These Marks

give is what makes one want to know more about them , in addition to feeling that things hide something and that their secrets make everything work, even if there is not much clarity about it. “Great relationships are fueled by discovery, anticipation and surprise alike,” recalls Roberts. Mystery is what makes brands enter dreams. Playing with icons, myths, as well as the future is what helps to generate mystery. Legend All these brands that we love use storytelling as a basic strategy for their growth, and they are usually able to tell their story as well as their origin perfectly. storytelling Companies have to be able to create their own legend , know how to tell their story. Now that you know the way.

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