How to Ensure That Brand Information Stays in the Consumer’s Brain

There are many elements that companies and their marketing and advertising managers have to take into account when designing a campaign. They must work to position their brands and their companies, they have to worry about issues that did not seem so important before (such as their values) and they need to press the key that will make consumers connect with them. These are just several points to keep in mind to develop a strategy that leads to success.But they also have to be able to get consumers to remember what they are being told and that the messages they are launching stick with their audiences. They have to be able to position themselves clearly and in a way that consumers will not forget.

What We Remember From the Last Decades and Whose

However, for many of those campaigns, the rules were also different. The moment in which those messages were launched to the world had not so much to do with the moment in which brands and companies. Now launch their campaigns. Not only was there less media and therefore less noise and less content trying to attract the attention of consumers. But it was also more likely that Algeria WhatsApp Number List consumers would repeatedly see that message, which made their ‘claim’ stick better. Now, marketers need to become more aware of how. The human brain works and uses that information to design campaigns that work better. As carmen Simon, an expert in neuroscience, points out, marketers must be aware that consumers forget things – and with. Most of the information is transmitted by brands – within 48 hours of receiving the information.

This Makes the Information That Is Most Likely to Stick

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Therefore, if marketers want a piece of information to stay in the consumer’s mind. They have to be able to present it in a simple way, in a way that does not require a great processing effort from the brain to store it. On the other hand, memory uses a lot of familiarities to establish what it stores. Familiar things gel better because the brain already has the path made to store them. You don’t have to think much about them. But you can use what you already have stored in your brain and apply it to this situation. Since many brands and companies are obsessed with presenting everything in a new way and being. Completely disruptive with their messages, they are actually making. The message work as a brake on memory.

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