How to Design an Attractive Form Page

A well-designed landing page or form page can help you generate leads that you can nurture throughout the purchase process. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to know the basics of a landing page because its elements can be confused with the Web Page. Your website is your company (through each menu you show visitors who you are, your products, how you work, etc.). And the Landing Page is your “seller” with a single goal: to generate leads. If, in addition, your landing page pursues the specific objective of generating sales of a specific product or service. We are talking about a sales page (or sales page) . In any case, whatever your goal.  Mastering the main fundamentals of a form page will allow you to offer a unique and exceptional user experience.

Index of contents What is a landing page? Fundamental Elements. Form Page Call To Action (CTA) button: Remove the Navigation Menu. Images and Video: Order only what you need: Mobile-Friendly Conclution: What is a landing page? A Landing Kazakhstan Phone Number Page or Landing Page is a page within your website dedicated exclusively to converting visitors into prospects ( leads ). landing pageThe core message of the form page is to create a sense of action ; make your users feel that they have to do something that cannot wait “for later” : have access to a report. Receive advice by phone in the next 24 hours or register for a webinar are some examples. In exchange, the visitor will share data with you that will help you better understand your prospect’s profile and establish a more personal contact.

It Is Useless to Have the Best Website

Optimized for different screen sizes, easy to navigate, and with clear value propositions if you are not generating leads . That’s what your form page is for. Fundamental Elements of a Form Page If you want to increase the rate of conversions, we share below the elements that can help you create a solid database: Call To Action (CTA) button: It usually contains a verb that invites action . Size, shape, and color matter a lot in a CTA . The most popular are rectangular with rounded corners. They need to be easily located by users, so the size should also work when viewed on mobile phones or laptops. Color matters: Red conveys a sense of urgency and works well with impulsive users.

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Blue is one of the most used because it speaks of confidence and experience . Regardless of the color, it should be immediately noticeable, usually on a white background, to indicate the call to action to the user. landing page Remove the Navigation Menu: Form pages do not have additional menus at the top. The point is to reduce the distractions and options the user has to navigate to another site. Without the navigation menu option, you increase the chance that the user will follow the instructions to click on the CTA button. Images and Video: They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and its use on a sales page is no exception.

For Its Part, the Use of Video

A trend constantly mentioned by digital marketing gurus . In fact, the use of video on a Sales Page can increase the conversion rate by 80% ( ) The video must invite the user to click and its duration must be short. You need to provide just the right amount of information so that viewers will want more of it through the CTA button and the sharing of your data. Order only what you need: The form page contains fields that your users must fill out in order to receive the benefit you offer in return. If it is a PDF for example, the name and email are enough. In general, to have the information of a lead , the general contact information is sufficient.

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