How to Create Value Content

SEO is a term that has gained a lot of weight for brands in recent years, and even more so that your brand is positioned within search engines and becomes relevant to Internet users. Companies must work hard to be able to deliver content of value to the user, but how to create effective content? Here we share some keys. Index of contents 1. Keywords 2. Determine and study your audience 3. Set goals 4. Create a content marketing calendar 5. Choose the content Blog Guide infographic Conclution 1. Keywords First of all, the first thing is to do a keyword search .

Keywords, in addition to working for your content, are also essential for organizing or reorganizing a website, researching the market and discovering content for the blog . keywords It is also important to analyze what our content will contribute, to Qatar Phone Number whom and why; These three are the basic pillars for any SEO strategy. Once we have these three unknowns defined, we can begin. When you are writing your content, it is convenient that the keyword appears in the first 100 words , so that it arises naturally. In cases where the keyword doesn’t make sense in a larger context, for example, buying a house, it’s better to modify it by adding a link so that it makes sense. 2. Determine and study your audience To convince your audience that you are an expert on the subject, you must first know who you are targeting.

To Truly Connect with Your Audience

First research as much as you can about them. Discover and study your target audience: who they are and how they are . To get to know your audience in depth, you must know where they are, what they do, their tastes, interests, emotions, etc. Pay attention to how he speaks or writes, so you know how to address him. How he will look for you. audience If within your audience there is a main “trendy” topic of conversation. You should get involved in the conversation and bring some interest to said topic, relating it to your company’s industry. Focus on solving user problems, so that you become a reference for your audience. In this way. You will be able to receive their commitment to your brand and you will strengthen the relationship with them.

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Set goals Be very clear about what you want to achieve with your content: make yourself known, enhance your branding or increase conversions. The content you offer must persuade your audience. objectives Apage 4. Create a content marketing calendar calendar Developing a content marketing calendar can make your job easier and save time; not only because it will allow you to publish a more stable frequency, but it will also speed up your work. To create your content calendar, we recommend that you set: What days of the week and what time to post How many times per week/month/year Topics to be discussed and with what rotation Special dates to generate special content, dedicated to a certain event/season/date.

Choose the Content to Generate

Support yourself with images, galleries, graphics, diagrams or videos. This will make your content more attractive, and will facilitate their interaction with the brand. Guide They are usually longer than a blog article, since they respond to a more technical and specific question. And require formative and explanatory writing. infographic It is the most suitable for capturing audiences. That are looking for visual material. This type of content demands that the textual information be summarized graphically. Because it is not trackable content, you must not forget to include an alternative text, which supports the keyword of the content.

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