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There is a big difference between how to be a boss and how to be a leader. According to , the difference between a leader and a boss lies in the fact that a boss is an imposed authority who uses his power to command others, while a leader is one who directs and motivates a team of people without imposing his own ideas. Index of contents Some of the differences between a leader and a boss leadership as a tool How to use this powerful tool? The 5 most valued qualities in a leader 6 tips to be a better leader Conclution Some of the differences between a leader and a boss The leader says: “I can be useful here”, the boss says: “I rule here”. The boss dictates inspiring fear, the leader is inspiration. The leader is respected, the boss is feared.

The boss needs obedience, the leader needs motivation. The leader needs a creative organization, the boss needs a technical organization. The France Mobile Number Database gives orders, the leader is pedagogical. In an innovative business vision, leaders are wanted instead of bosses, but being a leader is not easy and it is not for everyone. That is why we will explain in the next paragraphs what leadership is, how to use it as a tool, what qualities a good leader has and finally we will give you some advice and readings. Inbound Sales Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman from Unsplash leadership as a tool The one who has leadership has the power to lead their own, to defend them and to make them grow. Gerardo Betancourt, author of, exposes a perspective of leadership as a tool.

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ASble to lead people is a tool for progress and social innovation. How to use this powerful tool? Know who you lead. It is important to know your team, know their fears, their ambitions, their motivations. This is the first step in using leadership as a tool. Find the paradigm in which your team lives and the problem it faces. Everyone has beliefs, your team has beliefs, and these beliefs can be true or false, but in any case, to lead you need to transform, and now that you know who you lead, you need to find and understand the paradigm in which they live to ask yourself if it really is the best way to do things. Find a way around this problem . Simply to innovate, because innovation is the ultimate quality of the leader. Knowing the paradigm and creating a new one, that’s what it’s all about. Communicate efficiently with your team. The 5 most valued qualities in a leader Communication .

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A good leader knows how to inspire his team. How? Through communication. But a good leader must also listen to new ideas, criticism and feedback from his team. Finally, he must be able to clearly communicate his vision and that of the organization to which he belongs. Influence. Another difference between a boss and a leader is that the leader does not have to use his authority to act on his team. Rather he influences through inspiration, his charisma, his values ​​and his innate qualities, making his followers want to follow him, instead of having to. emotional intelligence This tries to understand the emotions and needs of the team (as well as their strengths, limitations and potential) and channel them in favor of the project and the organization.

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However, the emotions of a leader spread to the entire team. If a leader has a bad attitude, this will be reflected in the performance of the organization. A leader with a healthy emotional state is one who accepts, feels, handles and correctly uses her emotions. However, he transmits positive attitudes to the team.How to be a good leader Photo by from Unsplash Strategic thinking. One of the most important tasks of a leader is to meet current demands while ensuring a good future position, based on attainable goals and objectives. However, . A leader demonstrates confidence in the consistency of his actions, acting with ethics, respect and integrity. Confidence in each member of the team is key to creating a productive environment in the work environment.

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