How to Attract Customer Attention

For the attention of your customers in the digital world is an ever-present issue. Social networks are a great platform to convert your visitors into prospects and potential customers. In fact, the use of social media is the main activity of Internet users in Mexico; they connect 8 hours and 12 minutes a day, on average. Inbound Marketing strategies cost 62% less than outbound marketing strategies. It is much more effective to create a relationship between the brand and users than to create strategies where communication is only carried out from the company to the user.

If you haven’t started to include at least one digital tool in your promotional strategies, you’re surely missing out on the opportunity to have more prospects. Here are 5 social media techniques that will help you capture the attention of your Uruguay Phone Number customers and prospects. Index of contents Establish a clear difference from your competition 2. Answer the question: “What do you have for me?” 3. Don’t underestimate creativity 4. Educate your audience 5. Avoid responding late or not following up Establish a clear difference from your competition You should be able to explain what your company does to a 10 year old. That little one should easily understand what you are saying.

If You Can’t Briefly Say What Sets

You apart from the competition, your potential customers won’t get it either. Web page Social Networks are an excellent place to share what makes you unique. Content that allows your buyer person to find you and discover that your brand can make their life easier. It is a great value. The nature of each digital platform satisfies different time needs for users. There are from those that are 100% professional (such as LinkedIn). To those that are sought to distract or find out about all kinds of notes (Facebook), or those that are more aspirational or visual (such as Pinterest or Instagram).

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In all cases, making a difference with your logo, your brand values, the tone of the conversation and the type of content you share will make the difference. 2. Answer the question: “What do you have for me?” customer-service Surely it has happened to you on some social network: a brand attracts you because of the type of content it publishes: a video, an image or a link to a blog. Seconds later, you check the profile but you don’t quite understand what it sells or what it offers you. It’s a matter of seconds to decide whether to keep reading or reviewing a brand description, or forget that you’ve come across that content.

To Prevent Them from Passing

However,  seeing you” it is important to always specify. What the problem you are solving is, and the different ways you offer to achieve it. At this stage it is important to include Call To Actions (CTA), inviting your customers or users to interact with your content by answering questions, sharing doubts or inviting them to share their data. 3. Don’t underestimate creativity As we have said, the time to attract your customers is a matter of seconds. If your social media content is boring, doesn’t engage with images or stories, or doesn’t have a personality of its own, organic traffic and your prospects won’t show up.

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