How the Coronavirus Crisis Has Been the Opportunity for Some Brands

The coronavirus crisis has forced many brands to pause or cancel their marketing strategy. Some have done so for fear of how they fall in associated sales will impact their budgets. Others because they considered that it was not the most appropriate time to be present with their products. And others because their sales had come to a standstill (for example, the tourism industry ). The situation has had complicated effects for many companies. But some have seen this break as an opportunity to put an order. Make a clean slate, or rethink what they do and how they reach consumers. For example, it could have been the time to focus on issues. That until now had been somewhat sidelined due to the higher priority of other issues.

And Some Companies Have Used This Moment as an Opportunity

Test their limits and do things that until now they did not find opportunities to do. As a digital analysis concludes. As they point out from the British media. After speaking with several marketers, this is a time to experiment. For example, this is what the travel industry is doing, or at least some of its managers. In general, the travel market is taking a conservative view. the Honduras WhatsApp Number List situation and reducing its investments in advertising and marketing. In fact, investment is expected to fall by 31.2% in 2020 compared to what they closed in 2019. But some companies. Those that are experimenting and working in a different way. Did not completely turn off the advertising faucet.

A Strategy Designed for When the One You Have No Longer Works

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The key to what they did was, as their CMO explained to the British outlet, not adding noise for noise’s sake. They stopped doing email marketing and offline campaigns, but online they focused on promoting their mobile app and connecting with consumers by talking about the places they would like to visit once all this was over. Basically, they experimented outside of their usual zones to do different campaigns. It is not the only example of companies that experimented with their marketing strategy that the British media found. So did Heineken. As their media manager explains, the context gave them permission to press the reset button.

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