How Far Would You Be Willing to Go to Keep Your Favorite Apps

At a time when digital has an immeasurable impact on our generation, a lot of services are offered for free. A chance for seasoned users who form a significant part of the world’s population. The consulting company, McGuffin, therefore took the time to carry out a study on the subject. Your digital agency delivers the results to you. The study was carried out last June, on approximately 2,000 consumers. 55% of these were women and 45% men. These consumers are between the ages of 18 and 71. And to finish, McGuffin relied on the 16 most used applications in general.

Results of the Study on What Consumers Would Be Willing to Pay

Despite the excessive use of these services, users are not ready to pay large sums. The maximum amount they are willing to put up for an application is $50 a year. The app in question is Google’s video network, YouTube. This study also reveals that at least 64% of the Egypt WhatsApp Number List consumers questioned are ready to pay in order to continue to benefit from these services. The hottest app is WhatsApp, with 89% of consumers willing to pay to keep it (a low $2.38/month, though). Although the sums considered by consumers are not very excessive, McGuffin decided to speculate on the estimated turnovers for 9 of the 16 applications.

Hypothetical Turnover if Previous Results Were Taken Into Account

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This study prepared by McGuffin reinforces the idea that we have of digital, with consumers who can hardly live without all these applications. It also testifies to the skepticism of users about spending money for services used on a daily basis. However, paid applications are popular with users and at higher prices, such as Spotify or Deezer for example, available for 9.99 euros. But one thing is certain, the digital world has upended the conventional wisdom that there is no value in receiving service without doing anything in return.

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