How Etam Redesigned Its Mobile Strategy Underwear Market

Etam is a French ready-to-wear brand and leader in the underwear market. This brand, known to all, recently decided to rethink its corporate mobile strategy. Even with certain notoriety, Etam shows us that it is necessary, even vital, to establish a mobile strategy Venezuela Phone Number List with consumers. Mobile is the most widely used tool for browsing the web today. Users mainly use their mobile for applications, which represent around 90% of their use. For the rest, they allocate their time to send SMS and check their emails. At a time when mobile is part of consumers’ lives, brands must deploy a mobile strategy so as not to lose their footing in front of them. Lately, Etam has completely redesigned its mobile strategy using one tool in particular.

Wallets at the Heart of Etam’s Mobile Strategy

Quickly find out what it is! Wallets: at the heart of Etam’s mobile strategy Wallets have appeared in recent years on our smartphones. They allow consumers to keep their credit cards, loyalty cards, discount coupons, and even movie Venezuela Phone Number List tickets in a corner of their phone, as you can see below: Apple Wallet app interface This new tool allows the user to benefit from a better user experience. Indeed, he has on his smartphone various cards and coupons relating to Etam. Consumers can then access their loyalty offers in record time from their mobile devices. After becoming Venezuela Phone number true digital wallets, Wallets are on the right track to becoming a new relational channel, but above all an asset for brands. A strategic change that is worth it! Of course, Etam made the right choice by integrating Wallets into its mobile strategy.

A Strategic Change That Is Worth It of Course Etam

A pleasant user journey initially, consumers were won over. In particular thanks to the addition of various information to the wallet applications on their smartphone. Which is done in a few seconds. The user process is very simple: the Venezuela Phone Number List customer who joins. The loyalty program will add her card to the wallet. When the customer has added etam connect. She has access to all the information in her customer account in just a few clicks. She will then be able to know in real-time. The accumulation of her loyalty points, the promotional offers offered by the store, etc. With this solution, etam offers its customers the possibility of having a personalized offer. The customer’s user experience is then enhanced and etam succeeds in its objective.

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