How Does Voice Search Impact Seo Mobile and Artificial

With the expansion of mobile and artificial intelligence such as Siri or Cortana, consumer habits have begun to change profoundly. Among this development, we can see an increase in voice search on this interface or on tablets. This is due, in particular, to the Benin Phone Number List rise of traditional search on mobile. However, this trend is not without consequences. This is why your SEO agency explains to you how it can impact the natural referencing of your website. Voice search on mobile is one of the digital marketing trends of 2019 . Nevertheless, it is not without consequences for seo professionals who must take it into account. When developing their strategy because this trend will continue to increase in the coming years. Indeed, nowadays internet users are more likely to use their. Mobile device instead of their computer when they search for information.

According to a Study Published by Northstar Research in 2014

The Internet giant is also forced to adapt to the new habits of its consumers. It was therefore following one of its studies carried out in june 2017. That google realized that 42% of its users made voice searches every day. With the growing number of these types of queries. The world’s most popular search engine has begun advocating for businesses to take this new trend seriously. Voice searches made on Benin Phone number Google are often used for 2 main reasons. This new technique continues to develop. Has an impact on the natural referencing of websites. This is due to the difference in the wording of written and oral requests. The pages that you have optimized for traditional search will not necessarily.

How Are These Requests Made to Better Understand the Impact That Voice

Internet users ask a question to the search engine as if it were a real person. In addition, it takes into account all the words dictated orally. Unlike written queries, where Google only considers keywords. Now you need to know what Benin Phone Number List artificial intelligence takes into account to offer the best result according to it. To do this, it mainly uses the text present in the content of the page. The latter must then be optimized for a conversational language. It also takes into account the location of Internet users.

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