How About Typing “thanos” Into Google Google Has Reserved

What a funny question, you might say. Well try the manipulation and you will see what Google has reserved for you. The Web giant regularly entertains us on its search engine. This involves the creation of Doodle which animates the home page of the Qatar Phone Number List search engine, the jokes of April 1st which are always successful, or the integration of Easter eggs. The Internet is a real playground for Easter egg lovers. As in the film, the results crumble into dust. Simply click on the glove again to make the deleted results reappear. Experimenting with your site, as an Internet user would on yours, allows you to know which part of the website does not work, or which part can frustrate someone visiting the site on mobile.

Google Easter Egg Thanos by Clicking on Thanos’ Characteristic Glove

It must be said that Google contributes enormously to disseminating hidden functionalities here and there.  Type “Thanos” in Google… something calls out to you? This animation is a nod to the story told above. Clicking on the glove activates the Qatar Phone number power of the gems. Much like Thanos eradicating half of humanity, activating the Easter egg gauntlet removes half of the search results from the page. This new Easter egg from Google is very nice and subtle. These figures indicate that establishing a mobile strategy for a company is no longer a choice. This has become a necessity if it wants to continue.

Google’s new Easter egg for the release of Avengers

If you haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary on Google’s results page, we give you a hint. For those new to the Marvel Universe, this gauntlet represents The Infinity Gauntlet. Set with 6 gems, it allows the wearer to be endowed with the Qatar Phone Number List powers of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. The supervillain Thanos had used this extraordinary glove in the previous installment, Avengers: Infinity War, which caused the loss of half the population of the Universe. First, when developing a mobile strategy, ask the right questions. These are simply the same as for a classic digital strategy. What are my own expectations of my website? And how do I match my clients’ expectations with my expectations?

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