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Has smashed a pile of news that apple is going to die through intelligent analysis. Obviously, apple is still 108,000 miles away. In fact, it did just Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List the opposite. Having just become the most profitable quarterly company in history. And the analysts gruber scoffed at were not just outrageously wrong. They were Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number Lists costing their clients millions of dollars. However, some people still think that apple is just a desperate struggle for the rest of its life. When i was talking to people one afternoon about. Apple’s astonishing sales in china, it was surprising that their focus was still on the question.

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With xiaomi? In contrast, no matter Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List which field google is going to enter. It is expected to be overwhelmingly successful, just like microsoft was a decade ago. You may still find it incomprehensible. But i can give an example: last quarter, due to the appreciation of the us dollar, apple’s revenue was greatly reduced, and the Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List fluctuation of the exchange. Rate reduced apple’s revenue by about 5%. Converted to us dollars, it is about 3.73 billion. However, the amount of its losses alone has exceeded. Google’s revenue of $2.83 billion last quarter. Even so, in people’s minds, google is still a feared giant. Apple is a dangerous wall that does not know when it will fall.

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I tried to explain why people have this Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List wrong perception of apple. I put it down to people’s over-reliance on models and manager syndrome: bad assumptions lead to bad conclusions. Bad the conclusion in turn serves as the assumption of another bad conclusion, and like dominoes. Extensive analysis Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number Lists assumptions about apple. Are ultimately based on these false derivatives. – first bad assumption: see the market as a whole. If you look at the market as a whole, simple. Math shows that the higher the volume, the greater the impact on the outcome. According to the current income distribution. People who have no money in this market make up the majority, and they will prioritize price.

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