Google Will Show Fewer Results From the Same Site in the Serp

On June 3, Google announced its new “ June 2019 Core Update ”. In this continuity, the internet giant has announced that. It wants to bring more variety to the results of its search engine – also called serp – by displaying. Fewer results from the same site, news that will not delight everyone. Your natural referencing agency returns to this ad. It is via twitter that google has decided to Austria Phone Number List announce that there. Will henceforth be no more than two pages of the same website displayed in the best-positioned search results. The internet giant has decided to make changes following the desire for diversity of its users. However, it specifies that, if necessary, and for the interest of the user. Google will generate more than two pages of the same website if they are deemed relevant.

The Root and the Subdomain Are Treated as Two Different Sites

Site diversity will treat the root and subdomain as a single site. Except for this Austria Phone number program, or exception. This announcement is separate from the june updatecontrary to what one might think. The plan to diversify serp search results has nothing to do with the update announced earlier this month. “the launch of the site diversity program is separate from. The core june 2019 update which began this week. They are two different, disconnected things.

This Announcement Is Separate From the June Update

Following tweets illustrated several cases where the diversity program was not yet applicable. Danny Sullivan, head of Google’s Search Liaison, announced that the diversity program was still being improved. Now you  Austria Phone Number List won’t see more than one page pointing to a website on the SERPs. In any case, this is what Google has decided following the feedback that its users have been able to send. Indeed, they wanted to see more diversity in the search results offered by the Internet giant.

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