Google Trips Will No Longer Make You Travel the Google Trips Application

It’s now official: a little less than three years after its release, the Google Trips application has packed up as announced last June. This is the fourth application that the American giant is putting an end to in 2019. Strictly speaking, it was not necessarily Google’s best-known application, but it Belgium Phone Number List had some rather interesting features such as its offline system for example. However, the Mountain View firm is not short of ideas to bounce back from this decision. Your digital agency tells you more. Its main  Belgium Phone Number List competitors such as TripIt or RoadTrippers were delighted with the news. But, it was without counting on the projects of Google, which logically does not want to lose all the work done on this application.

Google Trips Allowed Globetrotters to Plan Their Trips Down

On Google Maps, users can find the geolocation features offered by Google Trips and other filters or tabs referring to the old application. And on Google Search (Google search engine), you can find the list of your trips by entering the search “My Trips” on your mobile device. The list will appear first and you will of course be the only person to have access to this content. In addition to moving features from Belgium Phone Number List Trips to Maps and Search, Google is launching the Google Travel app to succeed, in a way, Google Trips but also to offer more possibilities. Thus, travelers will be able to retrieve their history on this new tool dedicated to travel; saved notes and locations, past and future flights and bookings will be archived and available on Google Travel.

Main Page of the Google Travel Service What to Remember

However, the mountain view giant does not want to confuse. Its internet users by offering too many services on various media and we can think that google travel. Was created with this in mind. Associated with the google search engine. This tool must bring together the functionalities of google flight search and google hotel finder among others. Little known to the Belgium Phone Number List general public. The google trips travel guide was not a huge disappointment, however. With more than five million downloads over approximately three years. Google wants to facilitate navigation for its users and continue to develop in e-tourism and its strategy. Will now revolve around alternative services such as google travel, google maps, or google search.

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