Google Marketing Live 2019 What’s New in Google Ads

It was during its annual event – ​​Google Marketing Live – that Google, the Internet giant, decided to announce the many features that will be added to the Google Ads tools and which will allow companies to optimize their referencing. paying. The SEA Powertrafic agency is there Cameroon Phone Number List to help you optimize your referencing. When it comes to advertising, a new competitor to Google Ads has arrived: Amazon Advertising. In order to stand out more from the most visited e-commerce site in France, Google has decided to develop new features for its customers.

Google Shopping the Home Page of Its Google Shopping Price

The home page of its Google Shopping price comparison becomes customizable. Consumers will have the Cameroon Phone Number List ability to filter products from thousands of stores by the features they care about and the brands they love. They will be able to read reviews and even watch product videos. For this new feature, Google integrates the services of Google Express, Google’s delivery Cameroon Phone number service application only available in the United States. The latter is recognizable thanks to the blue basket present in the tool. Another feature developed for this tool: when Internet Cameroon Phone Number List users are ready to buy, they can choose to buy online, in a nearby store, and now directly via Google. For brands, it brings ads, local ads, and transactions together in one place to help them connect with consumers at the right time.

Google Has Realized That 45% of Internet Users Buy Online

Google has realized that 45% of internet users buy online and collect their products in-store. According to one of its studies. Sellers who use google shopping will therefore have. The possibility of offering their. Customers the possibility of Cameroon Phone Number List picking up their product if possible, in-store. To do this, they will only have to create a landing page to let. The customer know which products are in stock, in which points of sale, and on what date. The internet user can pick up the package. It is since the end of march, that is to say the date of its announcement. That the “buy with google” button has appeared on google shopping.

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