Google Images More and More Present in the Serp Carried

This news comes to us from a study carried out by seoClarity and relayed by Abondance. Indeed, the SEO platform has analyzed and monitored the evolution of billions of pages on Google worldwide as well as the changes made by Google to the SERP. From this analysis, it appears that image carousels appear more and more in the search engine results page. From an SEO point of view, this means that you will have to be careful to optimize the Slovenia Phone Number List images present on your site. As a natural referencing agency , you are reminded of the optimizations to be carried out. Reminder on the Slovenia Phone Number List display of images in the SERP As a reminder, images from Google Images can appear on the SERP in two forms. It can be an inline or bulk image carousel, as you can see with the two examples below.

Reminder on the Display of Images in the SERP as a Reminder

On the other hand, contrary to these two examples. The image carousels do not appear systematically in position zero. They can appear in any position, on any results page. In the example below, on the query “Pull maje”. The image carousel appears in the fourth position of the search results. As for the image carousel at the top of the serp. It’s nothing more or less than google shopping sponsored ads. What to take Slovenia Phone number away from the study? The SEO clarity platform realized that a major change was rolling out to google. When several of its alert systems flashed red at the same time. Even though it wasn’t due to an algorithm update from google.It was certain that a significant change was taking place.

What to Take Away From the Study the Seoclarity Platform

What did the indicators show? More and more keywords associated with Google Images in the top 10 of the SERP Evolution of seoClarity data on the fluctuation of Google Images in the top 10 positions on the SERP This graph shows the Slovenia Phone Number List evolution of the number of keywords for which Google Images appears in the first 10 search results. It appears that this number of keywords jumped between April 12 and 13, 2019, and then increased again between the period of April 13 and 19. The share of images present in the top 10 of the SERP, therefore, increases from 24% to 34%. This means that more than a third of Google queries bring up Google Images.

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