Google and Sanofi Team Up to Do E-health Internet Giant

About ten days ago, Google, the Internet giant, and Sanofi, the large French pharmaceutical group, announced that they would join forces. The objective of this collaboration is to create a “virtual laboratory”. To do this, they link the Ukraine WhatsApp Number List medical knowledge of one with the digital technologies of the other. Your digital strategy agency explains the details of this Ukraine WhatsApp Number List new collaboration. The web giant no longer stops solely at the pure digital sector, but is gradually moving towards e-health . It is for this purpose that Sanofi and Google have decided to start their collaboration; they link their knowledge and their tools .

The Blend of Science and Digital the Web Giant

According to dr. Ameet nathwani, chief digital officer. Chief medical officer, and executive vice president at sanofi. The goal is to combine “Sanofi’s biological and data science innovations. With google’s best-in-class  capabilities, from computing to cloud to cutting-edge artificial intelligence. The combination of medical and digital will then allow the Ukraine WhatsApp Number List pharmaceutical. Group to develop new treatments and drugs thanks to an in-depth analysis of patient data. But also to offer more personalized services and products that suit their needs.

The Two Companies Had Also Worked Together Before to Create Tools

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This is not the first time that Google has taken a step in science. Before announcing the collaboration with Sanofi, the Internet giant had already started financing doctors wishing to improve the prediction of Ukraine WhatsApp Number List lung cancer in children, thanks to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is ubiquitous at Google , it is one of the most advanced technologies at the Internet giant. This is why Sanofi will use it in order to expand its offers for its patients, but also for marketing purposes. It is therefore thanks to this new collaboration that Sanofi will use the artificial intelligence developed by Google to better predict their sales of its treatments.

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