Google Analytics Towards a Fusion of Data Relating to Applications and Websites

Google announced a piece of news at the end of July that should delight website and application owners. Indeed, companies that have both a website and one or more applications for. Their brand will be able to analyze their data in the Brazil Phone Number List same place. Something that was not possible before because you had to create two separate properties in your account. One for your site and the other for your application, in order to access the statistics of each platform. However, an Internet user today passes easily from one platform to another. This progress will therefore make it possible to better follow and understand his journey. As a Google Analytics certified agency, we come back to this novelty.

Centralize Data to Better Understand the User Journey

You are not unaware that the user today multiplies the media and platforms to do research, learn and buy. He will, for example, use a brand’s website more on his smartphone to carry out research on a product. But will rather use the Brazil Phone Number List brand’s application to buy this same product. Thanks to google analytics. It is possible to quantify the performance of a website or application. Only, until now, you had to create two different properties for each of them in google analytics. Until then, it was, therefore, necessary to create two different properties to access the data of the two types of platforms. Then to manually parallelize the data collected in order to analyze them.

A New Property Dedicated to Sites and Applications

To better understand the many interactions made on your site or your applications. Google has grouped them in the form of events that you can easily activate or deactivate depending on the interactions you want to analyze. By being so flexible, this property is completely customizable. What’s more, this new ownership model allows automatic tagging without having to Brazil Phone Number List manually add tracking codes. To make it easier to understand the data from your site and applications. Google has developed a very flexible analysis module. All you have to do is “Drag and drop” with the variables you are interested in to generate a personalized report. These new features will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks to all analytics and analytics 360 accounts.

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