Google a New Revenue Display for the Desktop Serp

Always looking for improvements for its search engine, the Mountain View firm has just made changes to the organic results of the SERPs. She has not communicated anything about this officially, but it has been a few days now that this change seems to be effective. Your natural referencing agency will communicate the details to you. Google has made a change to its search results. The change is made on the display of cooking recipes in the zero position. Prior to this update, cooking recipes, at the start of Google SERPs, were presented as lists or paragraphs in featured snippets . The goal was to present the recipes as tutorials directly visible to Internet users.

As Steps for a Recipe Old Google Serp Display for Cooking Recipes

Now cooking recipes in position zero are displayed in a rich results section. Three results emerge and are displayed by the search engine. Then when you click ‘show more’ there are nine more recipes that open up. This new display leaves the possibility for more sites to appear in position zero, where there was only one before. For once, the rich results are one of the different ways to highlight a site, and the Denmark WhatsApp Number List best possibility, now, for the referencing of your cooking recipes. In order to be referenced at best, you must optimize your structured data and promote the use of JavaScript JSON-LD.

New Google Serp Display for Cooking Recipes From Mobile to Desktop

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Google seems to want to harmonize, little by little, its two versions, because indeed, the differences are rather pronounced. According to a study by SEMrush, less than 15% of sites have the same position in search results on desktop and mobile. 28% of first page results on desktop are not in the top 10 results on mobile. Such differences between the two platforms can be explained mainly by the screen size; suddenly, the visibility of a site and the user experience are significantly modified. We can even mention the loading speed of mobile SERPs.

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