The Injustice League: I’ll Never Be a Good Enough Writer

The writer faces almost every day with a group of pretty fucked up villains.  These guys have super cool names like imposter syndrome . Procrastination . Shiny object syndrome. Envy. Perfectionism . Fear of not enough. And editorials (round of thunder). Just kidding. Editorials. We love you.
The big Egypt Phone Numbers  problem when facing this injustice league is that its members are not visible. They are inside your head and. Almost always. Under the mask you end up finding yourself. Writing is lonely work and usually quite thankless. In the absence of better references. We look at what others do. We compare ourselves and the result is rarely satisfactory.

I call them the injustice league

In my case. I am my worst enemy. All my work is simple. Boring. Incomplete… For me. Nothing I write is good enough . And it is not under any circumstances. Not even when it has passed the filter of my zero readers or when it has been published by editorials. Not even when my readers have read and enjoyed it. In a way. It’s normal. Which doesn’t mean it’s good.
Whether you’re new to writing or have been around for a while. You know that frustration often accompanies the process . I have told you before that writing is a solitary job. Because I have lied to you a bit. You will have some companions who will never abandon you: doubts.
Doubts and insecurity. I’m afraid of not being enough
Doubts and insecurity are not bad per se . Up to a point. Having doubts is good; it keeps you from getting overconfident. It keeps you centered and striving to improve. However. You should also be aware that. In most cases. Those voices in your head. Telling you that you are doing it wrong. Are wrong.
Doubts and insecurity often stem from perfectionism. In your head. What the classical greeks called “The essences”. They show you a finished novel. A perfect scene. The problem is that in “The world of things” the perfect does not exist. So the mental image you had of your novel will never match reality.


Egypt Phone NumbersBut it doesn’t mean it’s poorly written or bad. There simply is no such thing as a perfect novel. The closest thing to that is the shining and there are people who don’t like it (forgive them. Sir. Because they don’t know what they read).
If you want to overcome your insecurity (note that I am not saying “overcome your insecurity”. Because that is impossible). You must understand that art is never finished . I can review a manuscript 100 times and. Every time I do it. I change something; a scene. A dialogue. A character… if I kept revising and revising. I would never finish writing anything.
So when do I know I’m done? When you have reached the end. When the result is the best possible. Don’t look for perfection. “Finished is better than perfect”.
Why do we feel that our art is imperfect?
are never that good? Because they never are. They will never be as good as you expected and nothing happens. The problem comes when you insist that they be. Because then you despair.

Why do we feel that our creations

The desperation.  However, The frustration that comes from feeling that your job is never that good. Can lead you to quit. However,  And that is where the real problem lies. You can be better or worse at writing. But as long as you keep doing it. You will be getting better. On the other hand. When you stop. You will stop doing it. However, v You will stagnate and lose part of your essence.
There are no magic formulas to lose fear. I wrote on my blog a long time ago a plea to live with it. However,  But I don’t know of anyone who has overcome it. It’s like smoking. Almost ten years ago I quit and from time to time I still think about smoking. More than fighting. You must understand and accept it. If your work isn’t good enough in your eyes. That’s fine. You should celebrate that you are able to see mistakes and therefore be able to work on them.
Don’t be so harsh
Samuel beckett. One of my favorite authors. However,  Has a phrase that you have surely seen repeated a million times on twitter: “it doesn’t matter. Do it. Fails. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”
Failure is a gift.  However, Failure. Especially early in your writing career. Is normal. And you should do it.  However, Not once. But many times. And you should not be afraid of failure. Or of bad reviews . Because each of them will teach you something and. Most importantly. Will allow you to continue improving.

Egypt Phone Numbers

For example. My first novel received a lot of criticism for the characters and the style. Which was somewhat sloppy and naive. Of course. The first time I read those comments I got mad as a monkey… but after the anger. I sat down and analyzed what they said to me. I saw that it had shortcomings and tried to solve them.
Despite what it may seem. A first novel is nothing to write home about. What matters is the next one.  However,And the next one and the one that will follow it. Don’t be so harsh. Neither with yourself nor with your readers. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Allow yourself to create something terrible. Listen to the critics and laugh a little at your shit.
Then take all of that you’ve been told and use it to write a second novel that’s better than the first.
Don’t make things easy for the injustice league
You don’t get creative for the money you make from it. You are creative because you love the process. If you really like to write. Do it. If you’re in this to make a fortune. Forget it. Dedicate yourself to speculation or drug trafficking.
Learn to live with fear . Work on improving your tolerance for frustration. Enjoy what you write and share it with the world. If you work. I


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