Gmail Dynamic Emails Will Arrive New Feature in Its Email Service

Google recently announced a new feature in its email service. On July 2, 2019, you will therefore be able Argentina Phone Number List to start sending “dynamic” emails with Gmail. Which is constantly evolving with new features. But should we first know what this new type of email is for and corresponds to? Your Powertrafic agency is back today on this novelty signed by Google. Google has Argentina Phone Number List decided to make the exchange of emails more. Dynamic and is beginning to stand out greatly from its competitors. To do this, several interactions can be created in your emails, as Google explains in one of its blog posts.

Among These Interactions, You Will Find the Possibility

The same is true with documents from Google applications, such as google docs, google sheets, for example, or google calendar. You will also be able to create surveys and sell your services. The layout of the Argentina Phone number documents can be accessed directly from the email received. After first integrating this new feature on the suite. Gmail users will now be able to test the Argentina Phone Number List new features on July 2. This new feature will work with amp for email. Amp – accelerated mobile pages – is a technology more often used for mobile websites. It is used to speed up the loading of pages on mobile by removing the javascript because it is too heavy and slows down the loading of pages.

Amp for Email Is Therefore Used to Build Emails to Include

Users will need to enable this feature, in settings,in order to receive and send dynamic emails. Companies will be able to send this type of email to their customers. This will allow them to send more interactive and engaging ones. However, there is a problem: to be really useful for professionals, customers must activate it . If the latter has not done so, they will only see its Argentina Phone Number List static version. On July 2, 2019, Google will allow all users of Gmail.  Its email service, to take advantage of its new feature: dynamic email. Thanks to this, professionals will be able to send interactive emails to their customers, provided that they have activated it.

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