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The corporate podcast has become one of the most relevant in recent years. On this occasion we want to share with you how and why this format has received more attention, so that you have the opportunity to decide if it is an option for your digital marketing goals. However, of contents An option to attract more audience What is the corporate podcast? Podcast Advantages. How do I know if a Podcast is an option for my company? Conclution: An option to attract more audience In digital marketing, there are different options depending on the goals that your company wants to achieve.

In this sense, guaranteeing the presence of your brand throughout the purchase process. It easier to control communication and the points of contact or micro-moments that. However, that you can generate a way to make them know you Argentina Phone Numbers a medium that is always accessible. However, only when the user is in front of a screen, in a certain physical space, but also when they are in motion or doing other types of activities. As your team goes about their daily business, you can build the awareness and trust that every brand is looking for thanks to the content you’ve generated. It is available 24/7 ; your audience has access all the time and can consume it on demand. That’s the podcast.

What Is the Corporate Podcast

In general, the term podcasting was coined by The Guardian in 2004 because. It find a way to describe this new format: a kind of radio broadcast (broadcasting) that was listened to on the iPod . Given the ease of recording one, many companies and organizations have begun to use them. In their SEO strategies to generate traffic to their websites or blogs, generate engagement. brand image and make themselves known to a wider audience. In this way, they advertise their services, spread news or generate attachment among their potential customers. By posting the audios on a website, blog or on platforms, they improve SEO positioning and generate greater business opportunities.

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Podcast Advantages podcast World OCC The advantages of podcasts and corporate podcasts are numerous, both for the listener and for the company that uses them as a means of dissemination and to boost sales. Among them are the following: They generate closeness with listeners, something known as a warm audience . They make known the services and philosophy of a company or group. Drive sales. They generate business opportunities. On social networks, posted on a website, a corporate blog and also on platforms such as iTunes or iVoox.

They Are a Cheap Means of Diffusion

However, are simple to produce. “A podcast is a great way to bond with people who are hard to reach” Tim Paige. How do I know if a Podcast is an option for my company. In Digital Marketing it is essential to keep in mind that the objectives of our brand at the center of any strategy. There are, as we mentioned, different formats to attract potential customers. Generate new sales and retain your market, but the main thing is to be based on the objectives. However,, knowing the preferences of our ideal client will tell us a lot about the answer guide that we need to have. What are your preferences? Where do you “entertain yourself” when you access Social Networks. Do you currently consume podcast content. However, you enjoy your activities while listening to audio formats.

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