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From this point of view, it is unreasonable Italy Phone Number to compare. All products involving enterprise collaboration together. We clarify the inclusion relationship of each concept: enterprise-level application. Enterprise collaboration platform > enterprise file collaboration platform. Box’s competitors box was the first to target the field Italy Phone Number of enterprise file collaboration. Currently, there are 32 million individual users and 275,000 enterprise users. Which 41,000 are paid enterprise users. Dropbox and google drive for work entered relatively late. Therefore, dropbox entered the enterprise collaboration. Market vigorously after entering 2014. In the past year or so, it has acquired a number. Of startups such as droptalk, readmill, and pixelapse.

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Even so / though, strong. The valuation in a round Italy Phone Number of financing has reached 10 billion us dollars; google drive for work was just released in june 2014, but it is growing very fast. Scott johnston, director of product management Italy Phone Number for google drive, said that google drive for work has more than 1,800 users every week. Register for a new business. There are two main reasons for these excellent companies to focus on enterprise file collaboration. One is that it is easier to commercialize enterprise applications. Unlike individual users, enterprise users regard data as life, because the operation of the entire company or team is all maintained in this.

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The data belongs to the team, and everyone who uses it belongs. To the cooperative relationship, which requires a lot of joint collaboration. Therefore, enterprise users have stronger and more. Frequent demands than Italy Phone Number individual users, and are more willing to pay, of course, it is easier to realize commercialization. Second, there is greater growth potential in this area. According to a report by idc, an american market research company. The average annual Italy Phone Number growth rate of the enterprise cloud market is 27%, which is higher than the growth rate of the overall cloud market. Looking back at the domestic market, the same is true. Box’s business model – “bottom-up” and “top-down” side by side whether it is box.

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