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Found that many of my colleagues. Who were originally very smart were stupid. When they came back from mba studies. What is the reason? There are two things about him that i later found out in the mba case teaching is to teach others how Lithuania Phone Number zhang san succeeded, how li si succeeded, and how wang wu succeeded. After learning too many successful things, you don’t know it and feel like you are floating. Second, mba fixed a lot of things. So i recalled that in the first three to five years of alibaba’s establishment. Every time i found Lithuania Phone Number out how a company failed, i would send the case.

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To all my colleagues, let everyone know these Lithuania Phone Number things to remember. Others make mistakes. Like this, we will also make them, don’t think that how smart you are, everyone is about the same. It’s only possible by avoiding those common mistakes that you make. Still, alibaba has made as many mistakes Lithuania Phone Number as any other company. I feel this way today. Many alibaba books talk about how jack ma is successful, how he can do it, and how alibaba can do it. In fact, we are not very capable. To be honest, i definitely can’t do it. The 18 of us are also not that capable. If they were capable, they would have gone to other fortune 500 companies earlier.

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When they could not find a job. Then no one Lithuania Phone Number invited us, we could only comfort ourselves to walk down. This is reality. But we keep persevering, thinking, and learning from the failures of others. So today, our market value, alibaba has become such a big company in the world, i am actually very worried. We three Lithuania Phone Number four years ago, everyone thought. That alibaba is bad, the business model (business model) is not good , the technology is not good. The service is not good, the products are not good. There are many fake products, anyway, it seems that they are not good.

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