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Fellow of the author who had worked hard for several years. In modu suddenly quit his job as a software engineer in a foreign Czech Republic Phone Number company and went back. To his hometown to start a business. I learned through wechat chat that he is going to go back and start an o2o grave-sweeping project. To solve the “just need” of white-collar workers. Who go out to work and cannot go home to worship their ancestors Czech Republic Phone Number during the new year and holidays. This really surprised me – it’s not that the concept of o2o tomb sweeping is novel. But there is another case of escaping from beijing, shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen. Thinking about it carefully, in recent years, many of my friends. Have chosen to go back to the countryside to start their own businesses.

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Chickens and ducks, some sell fruits and teas. The projects basically revolve around “green” and “internet”. The concept is carried out, and the hometown Czech Republic Phone Number characteristic products. Are sold through internet channels. Contrasting with more and more elites fleeing beijing, shanghai, guangzhou and shenzhen and returning to their. Hometowns to start Czech Republic Phone Number their own businesses, some internet brands and sports brands have joined the ranks of home applianc. Manufacturers and pharmaceutical and health care companies in recent years, and they have gone to the countryside to blow up. The wind of “painting the wall”, trying to sell ​​products or services to wider rural areas.

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Websites for rural areas have also emerged. Take as an example. This is currently the largest rural o2o community in china, combining online Czech Republic Phone Numbers social networking, classified information and e-commerce, and began to serve the rural o2o two a buyer’s and a seller’s market. Buyers, sellers, and channels have both. Which makes me faintly feel that the curtain of the rural o2o era has begun. Although i have been Czech Republic Phone Number devoted to the observation and research of the internet. Mobile internet and o2o for a long time, the early signs of the emergence of rural o2o and the speed of the rise are. Somewhat beyond my expectations! Rural o2o: a vast world can make a difference in the 1960s and 1970s, going to the mountains and going. To the countryside was a very “fashionable” phenomenon.

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