Facebook the New Measures Taken Against “fake News” the World’s Leading

As the world’s leading social network. Facebook is also the first platform on which a multitude of ” fake news ” is relayed. Faced with the many scandals linked to “Fake news”. Facebook has no choice but to react by solving the problem. The social South Africa Phone Number List network has just taken a radical decision. Learn more about “fake news” it is not always easy to disentangle the truth from. The false on this social network. Indeed, in real life, when information appears. Word of mouth is responsible for circulating the information. On South Africa Phone Number List social networks, information is posted at a given moment. Then after a few minutes, this publication grows following the likes and shares granted to it. If the information in question is real and founded. It is no less interesting for its creator to see his work rewarded, and users informed.

Disentangle the True From the False on This Social Network

On the contrary, if the information is characterized as “fake news” the rapid dissemination of this information could be harmful. What is the impact of “fake news” on our society? A lot of information is relayed every day by thousands of Internet users. False information can spread within minutes on the web. This “fake news” is often harmful in our society. Indeed, many users do not take the time to check if their source of South Africa Phone number information is reliable. Also, it is necessary to take the time to check if the information comes from a known source to relay real and founded information or not. It is also very important before relaying information to read it in its entirety.

A Lot of Information Is Relayed Every Day by Thousands

Unfortunately, these tips are not enough and do not allow the non-dissemination of this “fake news” on Facebook. The network has therefore made a decision and announced that it wants to strongly remove “fake news” from its platform. What example of “fake news” in France? Remember, “fake news” is, as its name suggests, false information that is broadcast in front of millions of Internet users. Also, we have South Africa Phone Number List taken the example of “fake news” dating from 1974. It is important to note that “fake news” does not date from the last ten years. They have been present in our society for years and have been amplified with the media. In 1974, he was a politician who was the subject of “fake news”. Indeed, Jacques Chaban-Delmas was discredited in the first round of the presidential elections.

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