Facebook Launches a New Cryptocurrency Social Network

Facebook has been the most widely used social network in the USA WhatsApp Number List world for years. Building on this success, he does not hesitate to buy multiple platforms. Among the best known, we can find Instagram, WhatsApp and the company Oculus VR. To date, the social network has more than fifty acquisitions. But the social network does not stop there; In early June 2019, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, presented his project for a new cryptocurrency: Libra . The latter is quite simply a virtual USA WhatsApp Number List currency, like bitcoin for example. Your SMO agency explains in more detail the new currency developed by the first of the social networks.

Mark Zuckerberg Started Talking About the Libra Currency

For the purpose of diversification, Facebook has decided to develop a new cryptocurrency: Libra. The social network is the investigator of the project but has no connection with it. Libra will arrive in 2020 and will be USA WhatsApp Number List overseen by many partners, including Facebook. The latter will launch the Calibra platform, the digital wallet that will allow users to pay for their purchases. Will this new cryptocurrency really need a new international currency? Do you want to improve your visibility on social networks, especially Facebook? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us . Our Social Media experts will be happy to support you in your projects

The Objective of Facebook and Its Partners Is That the Libra

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As every time a subject on facebook is treated. The subject of the USA WhatsApp Number List collection of personal data arises. Data that will be fetched. Facebook wants to preserve the privacy of its users. And therefore will not be able to access information from their calibra account. This is a new step towards transparency that the social network wishes to install following. The numerous scandals that have erupted in recent years. In particular that of cambridge analytica. This alliance will allow them to have access to all the data. With the aim of analyzing them in order to offer new services.

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