Facebook Launches Its New Tool Off-facebook Activity

The news fell on August 20: users will now have control over the information collected by Facebook thanks to a new tool. A little over a year ago, Mark Zuckerberg had already announced the news at the Facebook F8 developer conference. Your social USA Phone Number List media specialist agency tells you everything. The Off-Facebook Activity tool is currently implemented in three countries: Ireland, South Korea and Spain. So only 45 million people are affected at the moment, i.e. a tiny fraction of network users. Facebook first wants to experiment with the tool before globalizing it on its platform, because it’s a new project that took almost a year to develop.

Here Is the Display of the Parameters of the Off-facebook Activity Tool

The principle is simple: let users see their information and control it. Facebook must find a complicated balance between satisfying the authorities that monitor. It with regard to the protection of its users’ data and satisfying advertisers by offering. Them the USA Phone Number List best possible range of data. For once, it focuses more on data protection for moment. It is a proactive manipulation. Jasmine Enberg, the analyst at marketer, believes that there is a gap between people. Who care about protecting their data and those who will actually take action. It is for this reason that when you visit a site fairly regularly. The advertisements that arrive on your desktop or mobile are related to this site. But you can also receive different advertising content if someone has logged on to your device, for example.

Stephanie Max Product Manager for Facebook and in Charge

Mark Zuckerberg wanted to put an end to the accusations his company received following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This case has, in a way, forced Facebook to focus its priority on protecting the data of its users. This USA Phone Number List is a priority that has a rather high cost for the largest social network in the world. Given that this new tool limits the personal data of users, and therefore advertising revenue. And. When we know that advertising represents more than 95% of the revenue generated by Facebook. We can ask ourselves questions about the longevity of this new off-facebook activity tool.

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