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Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have released their latest updates. The potential of the benefits it represents will allow us to raise the level of personalization and interactions that we have with our favorite brands. The ability to manage time has become a value that competes alongside money. The CEO’s of the most important companies know what productivity represents, personally and professionally; In Digital Marketing we know that every second counts and that there are micro-moments that separate a “yes” from a “no” to a prospect to interact with a company.

This need to optimize time, to obtain a clear, fast and punctual message has given rise to the personalization of content . The latest news in Social Media reflects that Social Networks are adapting to the preferences of users who are setting Slovenia Phone Number trends. Although there are more, we are referring to two specifically: video content and messaging apps . Two formats in which our attention invests more and more time. Index of contents Facebook Will Merge Messaging Apps Instagram Will Show IGTV Videos Directly in the Feed LinkedIn Live: Better Late Than Never Conclution.

Facebook Will Merge Messaging Apps

Facebook Instagram WhatsApp A few weeks ago. The New York Times published a note about the plans that Mark Zuckerberg has for the end of 2019. Integrate the Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp messaging services under a single technological platform. Although we can continue to use the three apps separately, the platforms will be merge. For infrastructure issues. For example: a user will be able to contact someone on Instagram through. A WhatsApp chat, something that is not possible at the moment. Three potential benefits emerge among the opinions of digital analysts: 1. Chatbots: Given that we spend more and more time on our cell phone screens and, therefore, on messaging apps , chatbots are a logical option to offer a more personalized service; a “tailor-made suit ” designed according to the interests of each client.

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The other hand, it will be easier for companies to use a single chatbot tool for all three apps . 2. Spam Reduction: E -Mail Marketing continues to be a secure medium for the exchange of information between brands and users. However, the rate at which they arrive in our inbox reduces. The percentage of openings or that we read them completely. Communicating more immediately through a Messaging. App gives you the answer you are looking for and above all. It saves you time. 3. We Chat: In China, there is no news feed. Only We Chat that provides the audience with endless options: from messaging services to ordering a taxi, buying clothes, ordering food at home, etc.

In the Western World, This Option

If Facebook manages to merge WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, it will be the option for brands to find their potential customers. Instagram Will Show IGTV Videos Directly in the Feed Last June we told you about the launch of Instagram TV ; proposal that obeyed two main reasons: Offer video content , an increasingly important trend in the main Social Networks. Being an alternative to YouTube allowing users to not have to click on external links and stay on Instagram longer. The IGTV icon , secondary and relegated to a place on the screen that does not favor its use, is resulting in an impact that is, presumably, less than expect.

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