Facebook a New Tool Will Impact Advertising Targeting

A little over a month after announcing one of its new features. Facebook announced on may 1 that a new tool will appear in the coming months. It was during f8 2018, facebook’s annual conference, that mark Zuckerberg, ceo of the social network. Announced the Latvia Phone Number List launch of its new feature in the coming months. Your social media agency tells you about it today in this article. It was during the facebook conference in 2018 that mark zuckerberg made clear his desire. As said in another article, to be more transparent with his users. Following the Latvia Phone Number List many controversies around the use of personal data of internet users. The latter had to improve its reputation.

What Is the New Tool Developed by Facebook Continues

Protecting privacy has therefore become Facebook’s new priority in order to avoid any abuses that may have been made public. The social network believes that giving people more transparency and control will ultimately have a positive. The long-term effect on the Latvia Phone number businesses using it. Facebook has designed this tool with the aim of giving users more transparency and control. The data Latvia Phone Number List that third-party applications and websites share with it. I.E. To see it and delete it if they want to. Want, from their account and disable facebook’s ability to store them. Facebook continues to roll out new features that aim to be increasingly transparent with users.

The 4 Important Points You Need to Know for Its Launch

It will allow internet users to clear their browsing history on the platform and see. Which applications they have interacted with. Facebook clarified that browsing activity is not actually deleted, but the data is anonymized. It was in a Latvia Phone Number List publication on Facebook business. That the social network warned advertisers of the next tool. In this post, professionals were able to know that. The latter may have an impact on advertising targeting, but will not affect measurement tools or analytics. For Facebook, advertising and the protection of user information are compatible. It is possible to advertise while protecting user data.

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