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Equity trading center was launched to Armenia Phone Number help investors or employees. Who want to exit early to get quick returns. For example, if you are an uber employee and can’t wait for uber to go public. Then you can put your own equity in secondmarket for trading and get an early return. Where did the bubble start? Rather Armenia Phone Number than saying. That the early-stage investment market in 2014 was overheated, it is better to say that china’s early-stage investment was insufficient in previous years. With few institutions and few big angels. The current situation, i think, belongs to the rapid return to normal. There should have been more early investment. In the u.s.

The Amount Invested Armenia Phone Number

In the early stage and the amount  Armenia Phone Number invested in the later stage are almost the same. See the picture below: when mr. Xu xiaoping was interviewed by phoenix finance and economics in early november 2014. He also expressed the same view as me, he also mentioned at that time: “i don’t think there is a bubble. In the Armenia Phone Number angel field, although it is true that our current. Investment quota is more than two yuan. It was a little more than three years ago. But on the other hand, ma yun was right. He started with $500,000, and others made it to $200 billion. What’s wrong with you giving a little more to the initial entrepreneurs. If there is in other words, i hope the bubble will come more violently.

Those Wonderful Rich Armenia Phone Number

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People and shameless rich people should Armenia Phone Number give some of their wealth. To angel investment, that is, a few percent to give everyone a bubble to pursue their dreams. “in 2004, 2005, and 2006, there was almost no environment for angel investment in china. Now, it looks good, but it is only a preliminary stage. I think that in the Armenia Phone Number next three to five years. Angel investment will reach an a state of equilibrium that meets the needs of the market.” people who think that there is a bubble in early capital often have a misunderstanding that an economy with explosive. Growth is a bubble separated from the real economy. They just ignore whether the starting point. Of explosive growth is already a high point.

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