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Your audience cares about you and your posts, and Facebook rewards you with greater reach. Here are some tips on how to increase engagement on your Facebook page. #facebook #facebookengagement #facebooktips #facebookmarketing It all starts with attracting the right fans: people from your target audience. The next step is to post something your fans like and react to or engage with. But that’s not enough. Many fan pages, which have been targeting fans and posting important information, still failed on Facebook, failed to inspire engagement, and their influence on Facebook plummeted. Here are some tips to get more engagement on your Facebook page.

Ask questions You’ve probably heard that: Asking your audience questions can provoke a lot of responses. I saw this on Twitter, their new polling feature, but it also works on Facebook. This can be a very simple question like “Coffee or tea? Remember, your audience wants specific information and you shouldn’t pester them with too many irrelevant posts. How much is too much? It depends on your audience; you need to experiment. Also, what do you need to test Questions like this will spark engagement, some of the ones you really enjoy might just die, and others that you think are boring will get a lot of responses. Before you read any further, we have several resources to give you exactly that.

Shows How To Use Social Media

To get lots of traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: Free Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide Free Pinterest Marketing Ebook 2. Open Loop When you post a link on Facebook, you generally want people to Click it. There’s a lot of talk about posting questions and comments Argentina whatsapp number list that people will respond to. But how can you make sure people click your link? A very effective way is to post what’s called an open loop: you imply content, but don’t fully reveal you What are you talking about. Here’s an example of a PostPlanner list post. Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-05 um 18.48.19. Like most people on Facebook.

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PostPlanner added some teaser text to the link they shared: “Have you ever thought about getting from Delete Facebook mobile app from phone? I have got. Here are 5 good reasons why you should. But they didn’t stop there and added “You can’t argue with #5!”. It’s an open loop: they hint at something noteworthy and leave you as the reader wondering what they’re talking about. You wonder: what could #5 be? Curiosity is a strong feeling, and this small tweak to your Facebook link can be very powerful, getting more people to click on your link. You can also try this on Twitter, it can also inspire more hits on the posts there.) 3. Mix it up Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-07 um 12.02.05.

It’s Not Usually The Same Thing

A lot of people tend to post the same type of updates all the time. Your audience might like them. But they also get bored with them. You can then get their attention by changing the type of update you post. Update with video, image, presentation or text. Inspirational quotes and text in particular usually get a lot of engagement on Facebook. Kim Garst and Neil Patel successfully use these types of updates to keep their fan pages very engaged. You have to test which update works best for your audience. But you should also remember that most of the time you’re not looking for an audience that likes dating, but an audience specific to your business.

And even though updates that aren’t related to your business might get more engagement, they might not be the best updates for your Facebook fan page. Once again, PostPlanner’s Facebook page does a great job of mixing. They include daily work videos, quoted images, and linked posts. Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-07 um 12.00.01 4. Repeat yourself what, seriously? Yes. If you do well on your Facebook page, you will most likely gain some followers over time. If you have any evergreen content, why not share it again after quite a while? Chances are, most of the people who will see your update didn’t see it when you first posted it,
and if they did, they probably wouldn’t remember it.

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