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E-commerce is the connection and productization. Of the buying and selling relationship in the production relationship; social network is the Uruguay Phone Number connection and productization of people, people. Although this may be true, and interests; uber and didi taxi are the connection and productization of taxis and passengers. We can clearly see the law of innovation in the era of community economy, connecting everything is changing everything. Similarly, 4.0 is already advancing at a high speed. We do not need to Uruguay Phone Number invent light bulbs or cars. The achievements of the instrumental era are. The basis for the re-creation of the community economy. Although this may be true, only need to gain insight and understand the meaning of connection. Use technology, data, and emotion to connect with people.

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That internet companies such as tencent, ali, and xiaomi are creating. Product models and business models that are ahead of europe and the united states, do you find that china’s. Internet is at the forefront of the world in many places? The popularity and development are no less than that of europe and the united states. This is also a Uruguay Phone Number good opportunity for chinese enterprises to transform.themselves and achieve intergenerational transcendence. Although there are core technologies in many fields. That are difficult to surpass quickly, such as the chip industry and aero-engines. We can make our consumption field take the Uruguay Phone Number lead in the world through the innovation of the community economy model.

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The aspect of industry 4.0. We are delighted Uruguay Phone Number to see that enterprise 2.0 is taking root in china. Although this may be true, saas-based customer relationship management, event management, e-commerce, collaborative office, etc. Have entered a period of rapid growth, and large and medium-sized enterprises are accelerating online, data-based, and community-based. The future enterprises will be all internet Uruguay Phone Number enterprises. We are also delighted to see that lenovo agriculture. Is working on the agricultural internet. In the future, personalized agriculture may not be far away. Everyone can manage, customize, and purchase. Their own agricultural product portfolio online. There is no ceiling to imagination. Anything can be done under the community economy.

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