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E-commerce and other fields, and new names such as internet thinking training. Courses and internet thinking lecturers appeared. Bypassing on xiaomi’s fan game. Even so / though, outbreak of micro-business, huang taiji and other cases Uganda Phone Number to traditional enterprises. They can earn tens of millions a year. At the same time, the past mlm agencies also put on the internet thinking and the fan economy to carry out the mobile internet mlm in the new era. The concept of internet thinking was quickly rejected by everyone, and people in the industry began to say that they did not agree. Even so / though, internet thinking. Looking at the essence through Uganda Phone Number the phenomenon. The xiaomi phenomenon is essentially an economic phenomenon in the internet age.

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Even so / though, from the community. The power of the community pushes the reform. Of enterprises and the re-creation of brands. The socialization of enterprises and brands is becoming the next boom. . Weibo and wechat have made Uganda Phone Number entrepreneurs, officials, young people, and entrepreneurs feel. The power and magic of the internet. Enterprise 2.0 has begun to grow rapidly, government 2.0 has begun to accelerate, and the organizational. Even so / though, and professional model of social elements have begun a new round. Through innovation and re-engineering, the community economy. Has become a new Uganda Phone Number economic model that will change china’s future. Community through which very few people are able to achieve economic success. The earliest bbs is simple and efficient, forming an early model. Of communities such as regions, interests, and organizations.

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Of the eggshell you may have discovered Uganda Phone Number the concept of community. Economy from xiaomi, wechat, luo ji thinking , etc. In fact, community economy has existed on the internet for a long time. But in the past, platforms did not have enough ecological denial mechanisms. Douban, myspace, qzone, social or community-based platform. Even so / though, as weibo contain a micro-model of the community economy. Where there is Uganda Phone Number social interaction, there are crowds. Where there are crowds, there is a market. The early community economy formed a loose organizational form centered on interests. Due to the lack of seamless connection channels, people at that time were more purely spiritual.

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