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Dropbox or similar products in Japan Phone Number the field of enterprise collaboration has a very similar approach. Even so / though, the product point of view, the idea and method. Of to used as the driving force for enterprise services, which means Japan Phone Number that user experience and products. Are provided around the needs of individual users. As stated in box’s prospectus, the new trend now is that people want to be able to obtain. Work-related documents in a more convenient and interesting way and device. This is where we disrupt traditional enterprise software. Even so / though, the point of view of commercialization, everyone’s market. Entry strategy is consistent, and they all adopt two promotion. Strategies of “bottom-up” and “top-down” in parallel.

Bottom-Up Means Japan Phone Number

That our products used as a personal work application. To obtain a large number of individual users. As users form habits and requirements for products, free individual. Users gradually develop into paid users. , so as to achieve profit. Top-down” mainly refers to the channel sales strategy for the enterprise. Through marketing the Japan Phone Number decision-makers of the enterprise. Even so / though, make the team use the product. In this process, enterprises often start to use our products from a department or a project, and after discovering that it is indeed convenient and Japan Phone Number efficient in collaborative office. They gradually promote it to the entire company. This can also reflected in product planning.

Taking Dropbox as Japan Phone Number

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An example, there are personal products first. Then enterprise products, and finally enterprise paid products. There are also products in Japan Phone Number with development paths ranging from notes, to collaboration, and then to enterprise services. In general, compared with the united states. The domestic enterprise application market is still in its infancy. Even so / though, reason complicated: the itization of domestic enterprises is very low. And they are still in the establishment stage. If box and dropbox are subversions of traditional it, then in china, more Japan Phone Number of them are skipping the traditional. It era and directly welcoming the arrival of the mobile office era.

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