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Google Analytics View Pages and Scree Find the greatest Uruguay Phone Number List Using Google Analytics for Shopify also lets you see which pages have the greatest growth potential with the Purchase-to-View Rate report. The report will show how often users view the product and then buy it. In Uruguay Phone Number List other words, even though there are fewer visitors to this page, a higher percentage of visitors actually purchased the product. Knowing this is crucial because if you put more resources into it, you Uruguay Phone Number List can see which pages will give you the most success. It can also tell you if your investment in popular pages isn’t paying off effectively.

Write what readers Don’t just focus want to hear

How to get the repor To get your buy-to-view rate report in Google Analytics in Uruguay Phone Number List Shopify, start by going to Monetization . Go ahead and select Ecommerce Purchases and add the comparison from there . You can then set the date range for the report. After that, click on Get a Don’t just focus Table Organized by Item Name . From there, click on the title and select Buy View Rate. Your report will be presented to you in Uruguay Phone Number List a clear view with percentages clearly marked. Now you know which products people are more interested in buying, and what they’re looking at but ultimately not pulling Uruguay Phone Number List the trigger.

Uruguay Phone Number List

Find customer drop-off location You can also use Google Analytics for Shopify to find which Uruguay Phone Number List pages are blocking potential customers. You can do this with the Conversion Funnel Visualization report. This allows you to see where customers decide not to check out and what they Uruguay Phone Number List end up doing. These pages don’t quite engage users the way Don’t just focus you would like them t Get this report by going to Explore  Funnel visualization also lets you get many different reports if you Uruguay Phone Number List mess up your input query. Feel free to try different searches to see how your site is performing on different metrics, even if they don’t work.

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