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Technical seo is a technique in seo optimization apart from the onpage and offpage sides which is useful for improving the structure of your website to match seo rules.

This will include technical matters on your website


. To be able to apply technical seo or anything Greece Phone Number related to it, you can apply the tips as in the following discussion.

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1 what is technical seo?

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2 why does your website need technical seo?
3 factors in technical seo
3.1 1. Use ssl
3.2 2. Pay attention to duplicate content
3.2.1 plagiarizing content
3.2.2 url variations
3.3 3. Avoid too little content
3.4 4. Install seo plugins
3.5 5. Use google webmaster tools
3.6 6. Create a sitemap
3.7 7. Install google analytics
3.8 8. Increase website speed ​​& user experience
4 conclusion
what is technical seo?


technical seo is a way of optimizing websites and servers that can help in the process of crawling or crawling by search engines like google so that they can be indexed on search pages. This can certainly help increase website rankings organically.

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