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The communication changed. Today, interaction with customers is bidirectional and digital. This has created new digital marketing professionals . They are capable of performing all the necessary tasks to be successful, results and profitable online. Are creative, detailed and analytical people, who work as a team and can communicate through various means. They create, structure, plan and execute marketing strategies through the Internet and all its tools. You already know some of them, but if you still have doubts about their functions or capabilities, here we share the 9 processions of digital marketing .

Index of contents Digital Marketing Specialist Inbound Marketing Specialist Community Manager Content creator SEM and SEO consultants Iran Phone Number scientist e-commerce specialist Omnichannel Strategist App Developer Some professions of the future Digital Marketing Specialist Design, develop and manage the communication strategy on the web . It does so taking into account the current situation of the results in the business; and the strategies taken by the competition. Their responsibilities are as follows: Manage the budget assigned to digital marketing campaigns, and manage their development. Supervise the production and curation of content (text, graphic, audio, visual and audiovisual).

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Manage microsites (such as landing pages or thank you pages) and the CRM to promote digital campaigns. Plan and execute positioning strategies (organic and scheduled) in search engines and social networks. Monitor analytical data from all digital channels. Coordinate with the marketing area to integrate your plans into the environment As the leader of the area, he also coordinates the other professionals who make up the human capital of digital marketing . Therefore, he performs communication tasks, graphic design, database management, Social Networks and search engines (among others). Inbound Marketing Specialist They are governed by a more personal approach: they understand the actions of the consumer and know how to anticipate their needs.

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This is the key to Inbound Marketing : recognizing purchase motivations and addressing them personally. email-marketing The idea is to create attraction marketing so that customers choose your brand. This specialist looks for the why and the how to offer the right solutions. As it does? Managing quality content, segmented to customer needs, and according to their purchase stage . Its essential tools are SEO, data and analytics, CRM, and, of course, memorable content. Community Manager Manage the brand’s online communities. He is a master of web content and conversations . They interact with followers, obtain information about their interests, communicate content or offers that generate liking and loyalty towards the business.

You Need Creativity, Knowledge of Design

A good Community Manager should have, in principle, the following characteristics: Good spelling and writing to express themselves correctly and excellent syntax ability. Know the marketing, advertising and communication strategy to fulfill them in your own social media strategy. Dominate social networks because, for him, they are tactical and strategic resources that are constantly updated. Experience in online communication, because you must ‘translate’ the voices of the client, the followers and the company.

If the Community Manager fails in that language, loyal consumers might leave. Content creator Search, group, share and create the most relevant content, to share it with customers in different formats (blog, video, infographic, image or audio). So, it is responsible for the messages that the brand expresses on the web. His area is content marketing , vital for creating strong links with the consumer. It is also closely related to Inbound Marketing , since the content specialist attends to the needs of the Buyer Persona and uses SEO data to spread their projects. You need creativity, knowledge of design, photography and audiovisual production.

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