Do Emojis Have an Impact on Seo These Small Pictograms

These small pictograms with a name taken from Japanese. Have taken an important place in the lives of millions of smartphone users and this is only changing over the years. According to a study conducted by harris poll on behalf of gif platform tenor. 36% of “Millennials” using emojis and gifs prefer to communicate using these visual representations. Because it better reflects their thoughts and feelings. And this generation y represents a big market in terms of web marketing. Since emojis have appeared on search engines bing. Yelp (since 2014) and google (since 2016 after an aborted test in 2015). Seo strategies have developed around emojis. But one wonders if they really have an impact on natural referencing. As an seo agency. Here is the analysis of the use of these emojis.

What Are the Conditions With Thousands of Emojis

With thousands of emojis to use on a smartphone keyboard, the possibilities are endless on paper. However, in order to arrive well placed in the SERPs (search engine results page), there are several conditions: include the Jamaica WhatsApp Number List desired emoji(s) in your Title and/or Meta Description tags. demonstrate relevance, humor and usefulness. The search engine wants to bring the best content to Internet users. do not try to “trick” the search engine by spamming or using emojis that are not related to the idea, at the risk of being downgraded in the SERPs. How to optimize your results? Then, strategies can be put in place to have better visibility and better ranking in the SERPs thanks to these emojis.

What to Remember Thanks to the Display of Emojis

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Use the most popular emojis; it’s a good way to go up in the serps if you want to take advantage of this strategy and attract internet user. It is also a means of having privileged contact by using the same “language” as him. You will still have to use them wisely so as not to be demoted in the ranking. Optimize local seo; for example, when a user is looking for a place to eat, they may search using an emoji rather than the word in question. We see below that this turned out with pizza hut in the suggestions. This may seem quite surprising at first sight, but you can turn part of your strategy around this idea.

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