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Digital personalization in the communication of the offer of products and services has become crucial for companies. This priority answers the question that companies must always keep in mind: What comes first, the consumer or the person? It is very important to always remember that before being consumers, our customers are people with fears. Expectations and dreams that can be enhanced thanks to the products and services we provide. It is about generating a dialogue in which the needs of that person are listened to and attended to. In order to make them feel that they are important to the brand. More than 60% of shoppers say that. It is positive that an online store remembers their personal and payment information. To speed up the purchase process (Capgemini).

In fact, 68% of marketers think personalization based on behavioral data has a big impact on ROI and 74% say it has a big impact on engagement. However, only 19% use it. Index of contents The benefits of using digital personalization in marketing Armenia Cell Phone Numbers conversions Easier conversion. Greater number of clients with less number of emails Build a passionate calls. The website is kept up to date Create marketing that users love Contact us! The benefits of using digital personalization in marketing As we have said, personalization is the set of strategies and actions that allow us to offer a differentiated product and service offer for each client. For this reason, focus on who and not on what, giving the prominence of campaigns to consumers instead of products.

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If you translate it to the digital realm, a good digital personalization allows you to acquire several sales: digital-personalization Increased conversions It is the most obvious benefit. When a message or personalized content is adopte. It is much more and has more meaning the reader. Generic messages undermine conversions. Easier conversion By knowing the user better. The steps towards a conversion . It ranges from having personalized forms with just some data that is not available and is necessary for the process, to offering a specific product when the person needs it.

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Greater number of clients with less number of emails Knowing the reader’s profile, you can customize the topic, content and even the time of delivery, exponentially increasing the chances of achieving the intended action. Build a passionate audience For someone who loves coffee, it is not the same to receive content called “How to prepare the best cup of coffee” than one called “How to prepare the best cup of coffee with Kopi Luwak from Sumatra”. The latter refers directly to his passion.

Sales Calls Are Improve

But also according to a lead’s position in the marketing/sales funnel. Thus, general content display at the top of the funnel and product-specific content at the bottom. Sales calls are All the the that is use for the creation. Content must also be fed to the sales area, so that it can improve the quality of its calls. Digital personalization through content avoids the above and the content will but also new. Create marketing that users love While generic marketing makes users feel invaded, personalized marketing makes them feel understood.

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