Digital Neuromarketing How to Conquer

Digital marketing has been evolving, and now it is also necessary to include new techniques in our digital strategy that allow us to better connect with people. For this, neuromarketing is taking a key role. Now it is not only necessary to reach the consumer, but to really know and conquer him in all areas. Neuromarketing can support us with this and thus be able to help us increase our sales. Now we share some techniques that can work very well to achieve that goal. Index of contents social proof Neuromarketing for a more efficient design 1. Consider eye movement.

Keep it simple 3. Choose colors accurately Neuromarketing to sell more social proof In the first phases of the conversion funnel, the first objective is to gain the trust of the clients so that we are an alternative for that solid purchase that gives them what Latvia Phone Number they are looking for. This is where neuromarketing comes into action, taking advantage of the potential of the opinion of others known as “social proof” . 1. Testimonials. They easily connect with potential consumers. You can include them on the page of the referred product or service or make a page for that content (very useful for SEO).

Web Page Is Efficient

Website testimonials SendIn Blue 2. Include starred reviews. It is a visual element that draws attention at first sight and shows our company is trustworthy. Also, it can works for Google results page as well. 3. Show customers’ logos. It demonstrates both experience and quality. In digital neuromarketing it is called the “halo effect” : the positive impression that the client has of those brands is automatically transferred to yours. website with logos Search Data Center 4. Show the number of shares in social media. When you see that an article has been shared hundreds of times, you instinctively think it’s good. Neuromarketing for a more efficient design If the design of the web page is efficient, we are already moving forward, because as the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” .

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Remember that we have 3 to 5 seconds to capture attention. There are some keys that can help you sell more through page design. 1. Consider eye movement When a person visits a web page, the eyes scan it through a series of patterns. For example, the area of ​​most attention is the top left ; the most convenient thing is to put the most relevant information at that point. Also, when you use images of people or even animals in your content, take advantage of their looks . That is, if there is a photo in the content in which the person is staring at a car, the focus will be on the car and not on the person. 2. Keep it simple The easier it is for the user to navigate the web, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

You Want Users to Perform a Certain

Also, if you want users to perform a certain action, it is better to describe the task in a simple way . If it is something difficult to do, it creates more friction and makes them more reluctant to perform the action. 3. Choose colors accurately Take advantage of color to make some elements stand out from the background , such as the main image of the product or the call to action. If you combine this technique with eye movement patterns, you will have a hit. Neuromarketing to sell more Neuromarketing can also be used to increase sales, relying on some techniques to close purchases. 1- Prioritize absolute figures over percentages. For example, putting “certain discount amount like $10” and “20% discount” users perceive the former as higher value, even though the actual amount is less than the other.

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