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As you could read in our blog about Digital Marketing trends for 2018 , omnichannel and multi-format are two of the trends in digital marketing in recent times.Today we want to explore these two trends and what they mean for your company. Index of contents Omnichannel vs. multichannel 7 keys to omnichannel strategy Multiformat and content recycling Conclution Omnichannel vs. multichannel Omnichannel We start with the difference between multichannel and omnichannel . Multichannel is a strategy that is already becoming a thing of the past. Multi- channel consumers came from different paths and through different channels to a brand.

This customer made his purchase in one of the available channels. The omnichannel consumer also uses different channels according to their need and Russia Phone Number moment. However he wants a single purchase to be made across multiple channels. For example, a multi- channel consumer wants to be able to buy a product online, in a physical store or from a catalogue. The entire purchase process is carried out in one of the channels. On the contrary, an omnichannel consumerthey want to be able to buy a product online, talk to the brand on social media, and pick up the product at the physical store. The purchase process is carried out in the different channels. 7 keys to omnichannel strategy These are the basic keys to the success of an omnichannel strategy.

Buy Online and Pick Up in Store

Sales history: here the consumer will be able to see their purchase history. It allows them to have a unique customer reference. Up-to-date store inventory . It is important to have an updated and real-time online inventory of the products that are in the store. This functionality has to be accessible at any time for clients. Digital invoice : send them a digital copy of their invoices, this allows them to have a history of their purchases. Another option is to offer “self check-out” in your stores. Single point of sale : purchases made in the store or online (whether from a mobile device or computer) . In fact they must be contextualized. Personal data Customers demand to be recognized in their dealings with a company.

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CRM integration : it is essential that all the tools and technology used in communication and relationship with users are related. Multiformat and content recycling The other trend is that of multi- format content in the content strategy. In this sense , multiformat simply means that you must have different content formats to attract prospects. Think blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts, webinars, slideshows, GIFs, etc. The good thing about this strategy is that you can recycle content. For example, if you created an infographic about the health benefits of walking for half an hour every day, a few months later you can write a blog in which you delve into this topic and a few months later you could also make a video on the same topic.

Multiformat Here It Is Important

That you always use the same format for your content, because the visitors of your social networks of you. Another thing to keep in mind is that different formats work well on different social networks. For example, on Instagram, short videos and photos that show faces are very successful. While on Twitter, short but informative content works better. Another functionality of the multi-format content strategy is that you can use different formats in the same content. For example, maybe you made a video on how to improve your posture and avoid back pain. You can use this video in a blog that you want to write about the same topic to make your blog more interesting.

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