Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

What will change in 2018?It’s December, in the midst of the chaos of Christmas preparations and New Year’s planning, we want to take the time to prepare for what’s to come in 2018. As every marketer understands, staying on top of changes and innovations is crucial to success. That is why we analyze what the trends in Digital Marketing will be for 2018. Index of contents visual website live streaming Personalization Post co-created content 5. Omnichannel and multiformat machine learning Growth Hacking Automation Conclution visual website. The visual trend is nothing new, but it will continue to increase the importance of images and videos on social media. Generation Z and also millennials prefer visual, synthetic, conceptual and fast-consuming messages.

Due to the great overload of information that we receive, reading takes more time than seeing an image. The king of visual content is video, this content will be the best format for content marketing in 2018. In this blog we present 6 points to consider Turkey Phone Number digital videos. In this context, visual social networks will gain ground in the new year. Which networks can’t you lose sight of? Instagram is the strongest in visual content, Pinterest is also an important visual platform. Do you want to know how Pinterest works? live streaming Trends Photo by Sticker Mule on. As we well know, video will be the preferred content format for consumers in 2018, and livestreaming on social media will take center stage. Facebook says that users spend three times as much time watching live videos as non-live videos.

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Live videos are a great opportunity to increase interaction with your users. Show a more human side of your brand, and integrate a new format into your content strategy. Personalization 2018 is the year to align your content marketing strategy (which is the main focus on digital marketing for the new year) with the personalized experience for each type of client. You should start investing in dynamic pages that are capable of responding to different customer characteristics. How? With smart content. This is personalized content that adapts to the context of each consumer. This type of content creates greater engagement and helps convert your prospects. Trends Photo by.

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On Unsplash Post co-created content When you create and publish content in partnership with another person or company, you can reach many more people. Since you post through two different Facebook pages, blogs, etc. 5. Omnichannel and multiformat Consumers see between 3-5 forms of content before starting a purchase process, according to a study by Demand Gen Report. Just written content is no longer enough, consumers are looking for information in different formats and on different channels at the same time. That is why your content must be more varied and distributed by different platforms in 2018.

Machine Learning Machine Learning

A subset of artificial intelligence that involves the use of computer algorithms to gain insight from input data and information. Computers are collecting more and more data and with it they can produce more accurate, relevant and personalized results. Imagine a chatbot, with each piece of information you give it, it learns and over time its answers will be more and more human. Know more about machine learning and chatbots? Read this blog . In the area of ​​content marketing, tools are being developed that help create more relevant content for more specific audiences. As a result, they can naturally increase conversions. Trends Photo by Alex Knight on.

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