Digital Marketing for Your Campaigns

The basics of digital marketing can make the difference between a successful campaign and one that is not. The reasons why you are looking to lean on digital marketing can be that your competition is gaining ground or you want to expand the base of potential clients, or that you need to create a more personalized relationship with your real clients so that they recommend you. In reality, everything matters and digital marketing is an essential platform to achieve it. Index of contents To all this… What is digital marketing? Why is digital marketing an essential platform?

Digital Marketing Basics Web Analytics Search Engine organic search SEO (Search Engine Optimization) paid search PPC Google Adwords facebook ads CTA or Call To Action Conversion Conclution: To all this… What is digital Nepal Phone Number marketing? Digital marketing (or online marketing) is a very broad concept, since it encompasses all those advertising or commercial actions and strategies that are executed in the media and Internet channels : websites and blogs , social networks , video platforms, forums, etc. . This phenomenon has been applied since the 90s as a way to transfer offline techniques to the digital universe. Why is digital marketing an essential platform? While the right mix of online and offline strategies creates the ideal balance, it’s important to remember that the use of mobile devices has changed the way users interact with businesses.

Before the Internet Advertising Was One Way

interrupting consumers, and media like TV, radio, or a billboard sent a massive, impersonal message. 2) With the arrival of Web 1.0 , digital marketing was a transfer of advertising from traditional media (television, radio, print), to the first web pages. The companies made announcements, totally controlled the message and limited themselves to exposing it to the audience. 3) Finally, with Web 2.0 , the possibility of sharing information easily is born thanks to social networks and new information technologies that allow the almost instantaneous exchange of pieces that were previously impossible, such as videos, photos, images, etc. The Internet has become much more than a means of searching for information and has become a large community : users begin to have the power to exchange with brands: they comment, recommend or disqualify.

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In other words, on the Internet and social networks, if users look for you and don’t see you. You simply don’t exist. colleagues planning digital marketing strategy. Digital Marketing Basics If you have decided to take the plunge and grow your company’s digital presence. It is likely that you will come across terms and concepts that are not entirely familiar. Here we share some of the ones you will hear the most based on 4 principles: Let yourself be found. The search remains the basis of everything. It is more local, personalized (offers aimed at specific targets). And in real time (price, availability, news). We live in the world of Engagement. It is the degree to which a consumer interacts with your brand, (from a like to sharing your content, through comments and recommendations). Success depends on repeat users and how they themselves promote your brand.

Be Relevant a Real World in Real Time

Matters more than ever. Thanks to technological advances, a brand can offer solutions around the most important value for consumers today: their time. Be measurable: Thanks to digital tools, your brand can learn about customer preferences and adapt to changes. The period of time is shorter to know the results of a campaign. Based on these principles, digital marketing strategies create and re-design actions that fit your goals. Some of the most frequently used concepts are: Web Analytics web analytics in different digital marketing devices PM Solutions It is the data that allows us to understand and evaluate the behavior of visitors within a website, such as the origins of each visit; amount of time users spend on a page; number of pages viewed before leaving, etc.

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