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Ten years ago, when there was talk of having a presence in the digital world, the temptation to think that it was a passing fad represented a real risk for several companies. An offline scenario had worked well until then and the change would surely come from other fronts. Gary Vee, one of today’s most influential business gurus, mentions that if a company’s style is to use phrases like “that’s not how we do it here” or “we’ve always done it that way” , the downside is almost imminent.

Blockbuster was at the time one of the most representative examples of what it meant to not adapt to new customer habits: they relied on their own Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers analysis that indicated that the consumer enjoyed the experience of “checking movie titles directly in the store” . Then… then came Netflix and the rest is history. The reality is that with the arrival of the Internet, the scenario changed completely. Thanks to the web and Social Networks, we have evolved as consumers and now we have the power: we evaluate, decide, ask, compare, recommend and read recommendations; moreover: we buy online.

an Option or Something Inevitable

Although consumer habits have changed, the scenario for brands to respond and maintain. A strong presence is today more favorable than ever. We share the most recent data of the digital market in Mexico as of November 2019: In Mexico there are 76 million Internet users. 62 Million are connected to a Social Network. Mexicans use an average of 4 Social Networks. Instagram is the second platform with the highest level of interactions, displacing YouTube. digital-transformation If something has changed with speed, it is the way of doing marketing and creating a brand presence. Before, the concept was to place in a digital space, the same thing that was done in the real world: a promotion, an attractive image and a telephone could be enough. Then came Web 2.0 and the presence of Social Networks.

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The client discovered the power of influence that a comment or recommendation. And the consumers themselves became the main promoters of the brand. Now, as we enter the second decade of the 21st century, we are talking about humanizing the brand. That it has a purpose beyond the commercial aspect and omnichannel. Among other ways to establish the connection with the customers that we all seek. digital-evolution Index of contents. Digital evolution and trends Conclution: Digital evolution and trends Here we share some important data. On which online strategies will surely be built in 2020: According to Forrester data. In 2020 almost half of company revenues will be influenced by digital channels (that is, twice as much as now).

In the Case of Retail Merchants Predict

That digital channels could account for 58% of their sales in 2020. According to the consulting firm Gartner and its annual CMO Spend Survey, each year the budget spent by marketing areas grows by more than 10%. The expense category where the most is invested is the Internet. The next category is digital commerce, with 65% of CMOs stating that spending on digital advertising will increase significantly. In addition, we cannot ignore the way in which e-commerce has shaped the way consumers buy. For example: a study in Europe revealed that more than a third of sales will be online in three years. In Mexico, the e-commerce scenario is very positive, although it also poses challenges and areas of opportunity: E-commerce sales in Mexico reached a value of 505 billion pesos in 2018. (International Euromonitor). Reasons to buy online: Home delivery and time savings.

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