Digital Anthropology The New Step

We all leave a ‘digital footprint’ on the internet. It is the brand that reflects our behavior as Internet users, and also as human beings. What not many know is that by studying these behaviors, consumer analysis can be revolutionized. This is the goal of digital anthropology. Digital anthropology studies the reality of the human being, under the influence of a technological world and social networks. In other words, it studies our relationship with the internet, how we understand and use it. We can no longer understand the human being without considering how he socializes in a material world, of cultural goods (order, agency, relations between things, etc.).

This includes the new digital world, an increasingly important dimension in our lives. Think of all the new forms of expression we use now: selfies, emojis, memes, text messages, streaming , etc. And what about the so-called ‘digital natives’? Those Mexico Phone Number who did not know analog technology. All of this is inconceivable without Information Technologies ( laptops, smartphones, tablets or the Internet), and it is practically impossible to understand them from traditional anthropology. Index of contents Among the digital tribes Approaches to digital anthropology The new faces of the consumer Inside, but also outside Among the digital tribes The translation of social network is ‘social network’: it is the space where we have the contacts that we do know in the real world, with whom we interact directly.

On the Other Hand, the Translation

However, social media is ‘social media’; then, if we understand that a medium is what mediates between reality and what happens, we understand that any digital medium is an intermediary between the user and her contacts. With the advent of the internet, we can know exactly who users are interacting with, and what kind of content they share. This is how ‘virtual communities’ are formed and detected: groups that are organized around a common interest. But ‘ online tribes’ also appeared : small groups (such as Facebook contacts) that generate relationships, interactions and direct communication rituals (both in reality and online). To understand them, digital anthropology uses qualitative and quantitative research, supplemented with technology and interpreted by humans.

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However,  achieve this, use tools like the following. Virtual ethnography: observation and participation with groups/users on blogs or sites Reticular sociometry: identification of the tribes in a community, recognizing their relationships, interactions and thematic groupings (built in the online world). Approaches to digital anthropology It relates universality to particularity. As a whole, the internet and digital technologies do not override the particular ways we use or live them. holistic commitment . It studies what happens on the web, and creates bridges between the digital and ‘analog’ life of the user. Polymedia approach. Consider digital and non-digital technologies to understand the sociocultural reality of people. No prior assumptions . It explains and interprets the life of people, as it is lived by them.

User Voice It Prioritizes Qualitative Data

However, explaining quantitative data from a humanistic perspective, without ignoring statistics or sociometric maps. First people, then technology. Digital anthropology contacts and converses with users directly, not from a Comparative method. Detect, confront and evaluate the different truths of different groups, communities or social networks. Consider digital contradictions and ambivalence. There are many ways to participate in the network. For example, there are those who use social networks to entertain themselves, and others can use them as means of activism, or as buying and selling channels. The new faces of the consumer It is increasingly common for digital businesses to seek help from anthropologists . In 2014, Google hired an ethnographer to define what ‘mobile’ means.

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