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Therefore, advertising is a key element that is becoming more relevant every day. Consumption habits and the way of interacting with brands have adapt. To new lifestyles and, without a doubt, participating is essential. Some points that frame the relevance of this topic. Therefore, Mexico, investment in digital advertising will grow to around 2.2 billion dollars in 2020 (Statista). And according to the latest Study of Media and Device Consumption among Mexican Internet. Users carried out by iab Mexico: Blog We are approximately 75.8 million Internet users estimated in Mexico.

10 years ago, only 22% of this population had a Smartphone ; today 90% own one. The average time we spend connected to the Internet is 8 hours 12 minutes a day and Social Networks are the most used applications. 8 out of 10 follow a brand Ivory Coast Phone Number be aware, so it is important to focus efforts on providing information that reflects the brand’s values. 84% of Internet users have Social Networks ; 4 is the average of most frequently used networks. (Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube and Instagram the most mentioned) The average number of mobile applications used by Internet users on a cell phone is 7.43.

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Digital Advertising Formats Conclution: What is Digital Advertising? Advertising can be understood as a communication formula paid by companies to advertise in the different media available in the market. Given the number of mediums in which businesses can advertise, there are many types of advertising . Offline advertising : We can list the main ones: press advertising, radio advertising, TV advertising, outdoor advertising or direct advertising are among some of the formats available offline . examples of offline advertising Digital RetailDigital advertising : All those techniques of communication and promotion of a brand or company using platforms and digital tools on the Internet.

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Therefore, of the benefits of the Internet is that it puts within our reach endless platforms, channels and, above all, resources, which, when combined with each other, result in online advertising . Depending on the objectives of your brand, some advertising formats or others use. Deciding on the media plan is one of the most important strategic phases when creating an advertising campaign . This will be, along with measurement. Therefore, key to making the most appropriate decisions to enhance the image, notoriety and sales. Digital Advertising Formats Advertising on Social Networks ( Social Ads ): Where is our audience? Most are on social media. This means that we cannot leave social ads out of our advertising investment strategy.

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Therefore, possibilities of campaigns, types of objective and formats, the variety of audience segmentation many other parameters. It our right target at the right time. examples of social ads on mobile Nimb CRM Search Engine Advertising ( Google Ads ): Google Ads is a set of online advertising tools , based on PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns. Therefore, customers to see your ads before you have to choose the keywords with which you want to position it. In this way, when a user enters the word you have chosen in the search engine, the advertising will appear.

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