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Better tweets today. Twitter is a great place to learn marketing click to tweet I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t think about your tweets and avoid being offensive and spammy. But what if you shared a link that your audience wasn’t interested in? Share something more interesting in your next tweet. Your tweet text did not attract any reaction? Tweet the same link again with a different tweet text. Your targeting wasn’t good in the past and your audience doesn’t care about your niche? Optimize for the future, unresponsive followers won’t affect your reach like they would on Facebook.

There is hardly any better place to try out some of your marketing messages or different images to go along with your posts. Twitter moves fast and has a lot of noise. What sounds like a disadvantage can easily become an advantage: you can try everything, you can measure the results and adjust your activity accordingly. Twitter is the perfect place to learn from mistakes and successes. And Twitter is the only social network where proven processes will reward you and give you the growing audience you seek. In short: Twitter is the perfect place to learn marketing.

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Where I will tell you what you need to know to grow your audience on Twitter. How Twitter made me a marketer Published: 2016-01-18 A few years ago, when we founded our exploreB2B publishing platform, I had my first contact with Twitter. And to be honest, I had no idea. I created Hungary whatsapp number list  my personal Twitter account for the sole purpose of giving our new company account a first follower. I didn’t plan on using my personal account for the simple reason that I didn’t know what I now know about Twitter. Do you think that Twitter is not so important for marketing? Twitter is a reliable channel once you figure out the fundamental processes. Here’s how you can increase your traffic and marketing success with Twitter.

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If I had known six years ago what I know today, I would have created my Twitter account the moment we decided to start a company and started actively building followers. And this seemingly simple and unimportant step would have solved (or helped solve) all of our marketing problems that we encountered while building exploreB2B. Before you read any further, we have several resources that show you exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: FREE Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide FREE Pinterest Marketing Ebook.

Do you think that Twitter

So important for marketing? You’re right: Twitter may not necessarily be the most important marketing channel. That’s what we think, too. So we try everything else first: PR: We threw a lot of money out the window paying for a PR agency that did not give us any results at all Google Advertising: We work directly in conjunction with Google. One of their Adwords experts tried unsuccessfully to give us the success we needed. Advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook: This gave us some success, but our budget was limited, and this could only give us a jump start, but it was not the way to scale our business.

Social Media Marketing on various channels: We were not experts, we had no strategy. The results were meager and our presence was becoming too slow. So, it was a simple need that made us learn marketing. We had to discover Twitter, which is a reliable channel once you figure out the fundamental processes. And these processes work for everyone. Also, you can do everything without a big budget. We never pay a penny for advertising on Twitter.To market successfully, I had to learn Twitter. Twitter turned me into a marketer and allowed me to drive traffic to any business without advertising it. About two years after starting exploreB2B, my Twitter account had about 500 followers.

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