Developing Watch to Move Into a New Era Accused of Promoting

Accused of promoting fake news , Marc Zuckerberg’s company is in the midst of a campaign to restore its image. After talks with major US news outlets that could lead to promising deals to develop a new News tab , Facebook is turning its attention to its video-on-demand service, Facebook Watch . Your SMO agency details the American giant’s projects. The Silicon Valley company has just reached agreements with BFMTV, Le Monde and Brut; as part of this partnership, these three French media will have to create exclusive content for the Facebook streaming service.

Beneficial Agreements for Both Sides the Silicon

Regarding the agreement, Facebook had already announced beforehand that 55% of the revenues generated by this service are paid to these partner news media. While the rest is obviously to slip into his wallet. In addition, a commercial Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List interferes in the middle of the video. However, the news media should remain on their toes following the outcome of the Facebook Live episode ; the American giant had left a lot of media on the floor by suddenly ceasing the co-financing of content creation. Some editors then had difficulty recovering from it.

A Growing Service Either Way This Watch Portal

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Created just over two years ago, Watch brings together 140 million users who watch at least one minute of content every day; this figure has almost doubled since December 2018. As mentioned earlier, this video-on-demand service presents a real alternative to common advertising spaces, which are becoming saturated. Video advertising is the sector with the best growth online, and Facebook intends to surf on the phenomenon.

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